World Population: 6,853,328,460

Migrants in the world: 215,738,321

Almost 216 million people, or 3.15% of the world population, live outside their countries.

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Refugees and Asylum

Refugees and asylum seekers made up 16.3 million, or 8%, of international migrants in 2010. The Middle East and North Africa region had the largest share of refugees and asylum seekers among immigrants (65%), followed by South Asia (20%), Sub-Saharan Africa (17%), and East Asia and Pacific (8.8%).

About peoplemovin

peoplemovin shows the flows of migrants as of 2010 through the use of open data (see Data Sources). The data are presented as a slopegraph that shows the connections between countries. The chart is split in two columns, the emigration countries on the left and the destination countries on the right. The thickness of the lines connecting the countries represents the amount of immigrated people.

Data Sources

All the presented data are the latest available as of  2010.

Migration Data
The World Bank Open Data
Bilateral Migration and Remittances 2010

Refugees and Asylum
Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011

World Population Data
U.S. Census Bureau, International Data Base

Why peoplemovin?

peoplemovin is an experimental project in data visualization by Carlo Zapponi.

The current version of peoplemovin is based on a HTML5 toolkit for the creation of flow charts called datamovin. I'm currently working on it and I'll make it available soon. In the meanwhile you can enjoy version 0.3 by digging into the source code of this site.

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